NREE Part Number:                        909-0001-000

Nominal Operating Voltage:             74 VDC @ 130mA

Enclosure:                                      IP65

Light Output:                                 Approximately 535 Lumens (roughly equal to 50 Watt Bulb), White light.

Operating Temperature:                 -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C)


If you believe there’s truth to the old adage “time is money”, you understand that every moment your locomotive spends in the shop is a moment that it isn’t out operating and making you money.

LED lighting can help you to ensure that downtime for light fixture servicing is minimized (or eliminated altogether) for the life of the locomotive


Also Available

  • NLIGHT (Red)                           P/N: 909-0003-000
  • NLIGHT (Amber)                       P/N: 909-0004-000
  • NLIGHT (Blue)                          P/N: 909-0007-000
  • NLIGHT (Cab Mount)               P/N: 909-0002-000
  • NLIGHT (120VAC)                     P/N: 909-0009-000