Save Fuel and Reduce Emissions...

The NLIMIT reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by monitoring locomotive operating parameters and automatically shutting down and restarting the engine during appropriate locomotive idle times.

The heart of the NLIMIT is a powerful microprocessor and is based on a modular concept, in which functions can be added later without changing the entire system.

Its compact design allows for flexible installation in a variety of locomotive cabinets regardless of manufacture and vintage.

Primary NLIMIT benefits and features

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced exhaust emissions
  • System indicators (Lights & Sirens): indicates the status of the NLIMIT system
  • Integrated recording function: records fuel report statistics, locomotive statistics, events, and alarm logs
  • Governor Assist Pump: works in conjunction with the engine governor during restarts to provide sufficient fuel necessary to start the locomotive
  • EPD Override: overrides the engine protection device (EPD) during restarts preventing false engine shut down as a result of a false sensor reading
  • Load Shedding: eliminates repeated, and unnecessary, engine restarts resulting from a low battery voltage condition by turning off battery loads such as the locomotive headlights and air conditioners
  • Automatic Ground Relay Reset: reset the Ground Relay after every NLIMIT restart
  • High Idle Control: can help maintain operational engine temperature in cold weather.
  • Low Idle Control: can provide additional fuel savings when the locomotive is idle waiting for an NLIMIT engine shut down.
  • Additional recording functions such as Locomotive kilowatt-hour or locomotive speed and distance.