NCOMPASS answers the questions "Where are my mobile assets, how are they performing,and how are they being used?"

NCOMPASS places location and operational information at your fingertips.

NCOMPASS utilizes components hardened for the industrial environment, assuring you excellent performance and availability.

NCOMPASS wireless technologies now enable all types of assets to be connected throughout most of the world.

NCOMPASS systems come with a complete wireless support infrastructure (WLAN, GSM, & Satellite).


Global Positioning

This system is equipped with an embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) module.

  • Can provide current location details
  • Past location tracking data
  • Geofence functionality
  • Tracking with mouse over details


Utilization Tracking

Customer settable listening intervals to poll units for items such as:

  • Locomotive idle time (moving and stationary)
  • Utilization History(Mileage, Kilowatt Hours, Throttle Duty Cycle, Odometer)
  • User searchable NFORCE fault logs
  • Fleet Status Mapping



Customer settable alert functions allow you to select items which will notify you by SMS or email when active.  Some of these items include:

  • Geofence & boundary violations
  • Excessive speed reports
  • Engine restart failures
  • Ground Relay Activations
  • Low fuel when used with NGAUGE
  • Alert on sensor threshold or state change (Customer settable)


Collecting information throughout fleet operations — even at the far edges — can give you visibility of your fleet like never before. With visibility comes the opportunity to improve asset utilization and productivity.

A secure, comprehensive Web site allows you to quickly locate assets or check status to better serve customers and manage your fleets. Stay connected to fleet activity with asset alerts sent to you via email or text.

WiFi, cellular, and Satellite communication optimizes monitoring using the best routing available so you are always aware of important activity taking place around your fleet vehicles.

The NCOMPASS system can provide the NFORCE system (if equipped) with wireless updates to its operating firmware, reducing down time and increasing availability.